Company Ethos


To use the old adage, ‘measure twice, cut once’, there is no margin for error in what we do. We are absolutely committed to rigorous quality control at every level and for every component we manufacture.

Our customers include aerospace manufacturers and power generators and our fabrications have to operate consistently and reliably in some of the most demanding environments on earth. So for that reason we make sure that all our fabrications bear CE approval. In addition, and for your further peace of mind, we also carry full product liability insurance.


Reliability isn’t just engineered into everything we produce, it’s an essential part of how we deal with you, our customer. It means we will deliver what we have agreed to deliver, on time and on budget.

It means we will ensure your fabrication is installed and commissioned quickly and effectively, ensuring maximum productivity and minimum disruption. And it means we are on hand, 24/7, providing skilled engineering backup and support, should you require us at any time.


We invest in the best engineers, machinery and technology; we have a highly skilled procurement department; and, we run a tight ship. This means we’re able to operate at margins that are the envy of our peers, and deliver a combination of quality and value that keeps us competitive on a global scale.


We’re easy to work with. You see, after 30+ years in this business, we know that sometimes our customers may have to modify their brief, pull forward a deadline or change their mind. The point is that whatever the challenge, we’ll work with you to find a solution that keeps the project on track and delivers the right solution.

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